Bosch GTS 10XC repair

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6 Jan 2021
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Hi All, Has anybody stripped down this saw? I need to replace the threaded rod but cant see how to get to it. stripped it down as far as how to take the plastic case off But had to put it back to use the saw. I,ve got to turn the saw over and lower the blade upside down. It handle turns great that way but it is a two hand mm at a time the right way up. I've ordered the rod and end cap and the two locking pins and the toothed gear as the parts are cheap and I thought since I had it in bits it would be a good thing to do. I cant find any sort of workshop manual anywhere and the user guide is useless so I'm hoping someone out there has the answer. The saw is about 9 years old but has only been use in the workshop not on site so I want it to last as I don't have room for a larger if more desirable table saw. Any ideas greatly appreciated.