Bosch gks 190 baseplate change

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20 Jul 2020
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Cork, Ireland
I just dragged my bosch gks 190 circular saw off my 6'mobile scaffolding tower by catching the lead with my foot, doh! Luckily landed on the corner of the base plate & bent that all out of shape. I've purchased a new base plate but there's a strange hollow pin holding it in place @ the front...does anyone know how to remove one of these?
I don't know that particular tool, but "strange hollow pin" sounds like a roll pin. These are a bit of springy steel, rolled up into a cylinder, so that they make a tight fit into a suitable hole. There is normally a gap between the ends to give a bit of leeway.

See Spring pin - Wikipedia

So it's designed to be easily knocked in or driven out with a flat ended punch of matching diameter. Probably worth using a new one to refit but can be reused. Easily available in small batches on eBay etc.
Sorry only just noticed your reply. Am new to web forums...anyway that's great, everyday's a school day! Have just learned about split pins.