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18 Jun 2020
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I am looking to buy a book regarding a bench polisher. Which polishing buffing wheels to use / different compounds to buff with etc.
The use of the machine is for the polishing of wood / wood finish / small metal parts. A small machine for small work.

Can you recommend such a book which explains the above?
here's mine but not a bench's 3hp x 3 phase......apart from the bearings all made from scrap...PS now has a belt guard....

u'll find the average bench grinder conversion hopeless...not enough power even if u go slowly plus the bench gets in the way quite often....
I use a white n black polish...think the white is the finer one.....only used for metal....but prob could with wood.....
but u'll need to have seperate buffing wheels/mops because of contamination....
The stiched wheel I have looks like sizal string so very rough.....the polishing mop looks like just sheets of soft cotton, partly stiched together....
All mine came off ebay...seem to remember Bristol way but there are many suppliers......
biggest prob with polishing is heat so go careful.....

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