Black paint on putty

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In an attempt to answer the op question on putty.... I used to work for a builder who did emergency glazing and we often used putty in the winter..... we would keep it in the truck footwell and have the heater blasting warm air at it on the way to a job so it was supple when we needed it. I cant honestly say if it harms it being cold as we were doing emergency repairs and didnt need to go back afterwards.

A google shows that putty should be used between plus 5° and 35°c, but again, if its warm when it goes in the frame, i dont know if the cold would actually do any harm
Quick blast in the microwave is handy with old dry or just cold putty.
I'm sure they don't make pitey like they used to .....
I'm sure they don't make pitey like they used to .....
Dam that predictive text, not only did I have to correct "pity" into putty, but the thing changed it again!
Thanks for the brush and mahl stick recommendations. I'm actually going to paint my first sign for the house, and learnt about the mahl stick for signwriting, so I ordered one a few days ago - yes I could make one, but I've got so many things to do, I have to pick my battles, so to speak.

Those Leonard brushes look really nice. I might have to get some of those :)

I'm not sure about cutting in for windows - I have tried it before, and time-wise for me, it's quicker to lay down the ProDec masking tape and paint slightly over it - I get a very crisp line really easy that way. With the mahl stick I might have another go at it, since it might be quicker if I get the hang of it.