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I haven't used the new ones but the ones they replaced were top notch, best clamps I've ever used :D
Yes I have 4 of the new KR125 revo clamps. I got them from D&M tools as they were doing a special offer if you bought 4. They aren't drastically different to the old clamps - new handles are perhaps a little easier to grip - bigger clamping surfaces with removable pads which are easier to clean up when they get glue on them. They also have plastic spacers that fit over the bar to keep the work from coming into contact with the metal bar. As the old clamps have been discontinued if you want bessey k clamps these are now the only option. the only thing I don't really like is that the plastic caps that protect the heads slip off too easily and so might end up getting lost. as to whether they are worth the money - only you can decide depending on how much use you are likely to get out of them. one thing is for sure - they should last you a lifetime.

On the subject of bessey clamps, I don't know if they are available yet but they are also bringing out a moveable head version - the KRV. In some correspondence with bessey a couple of months ago they told me that "market demand is bigger than expected; so we ran out of stock"

I originally wrote to them asking if the rails would be sold separately because with the moveable head design it is possible to remove both heads from the rail. They replied with the following: "We do have such systems, as you thouhgt (sic) about, but not in the european market. Here we only sell ready assembled clamps of the series KR and KRV (fixed head and moveable head version). In the North American market these "kits" are existing; there you could buy different rails, the both jaws and the plastic pieces seperatly (sic). In the center european market these kits are not liked; yet. Thats the feedback we got with our market research; for sure you never can cover all market-demands, unfortunately."

A shame as I would have thought this would appeal to many - particularly those who are setting up a workshop. Here is a link to an American review of the Vario's to see what we are missing out on :roll:

Hi Steve,

I've had a look into it and there may be a way of doing the parts seperately via the spares service. If you drop me a PM with details of the setup that you want to achieve, I'll get back to you with prices etc.
Just got some of the old style K60 Besseys from D & M tools (Discounted Price) to top up my collection of clamps, superb delivery from them.

I only have the K style clamps and they do every thing I want, don't think i would want to pay the extra for the KR Revos though.

Did a thread in the general woodworks page for Bessey K30 clamps and I still have about 30 for sale Brand New if anybody interested,
I wanted some cramps for a couple of projects - and after reading around a lot places like this forum and looking at some products in-the-steel ... I went for a 4 pack of K's from
as the best price I found. I'd been very impressed with the GH Lever clamps as far better than any of the assorted other cheapies I have around my workshop ... and on a couple of uses, the K's seem just as impressive. I hope they are a good investment for the long term ... and definitely better than my Dads sash cramps he's had for a few decades ...