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Stuart Moffat

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3 Apr 2019
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St. Neots
I've recently bought one of these, with the underfence support piece which is 20mm long and attaches to the end of the main fence. It doesn't come with any instructions, and the various youtube guides I've looked at numerous times don't solve my fundamental issue with it. The intention is that you can rely on the measurements on the fence , and set the stop tab at the length you want to make the cut at, and use it for repeat cuts. Let's say you want a piece 500 mm long. Easy to fix the rail square to the rail with dogs in the track under the rail, and easy to adjust the rail so that the 500mm mark lines up with the cutting point on the edge of that rail. But it will defacto also correspond with the zero mark on the end of the rail extrusion (albeit the low under rail support piece). That means it actually wants you to run the saw blade completly flush against the end of the extrusion. Unelss I am missing something fundamental?

I'm of a mind to grind off the last 2mm of the fence so that can't happen, and then the set up processes of the you tube demos make some kind of sense to me.

Can anyone with one of these share their experience or tell me why I am being a dummy?
Yes, same thought /concern here, would like a sacrificial "nose" on the end, however your TCT saw teeth won't mind a gentle cut into the ali if it's carefully done.
Overall, good though isn't it?
Glad it's not just me then! Overall it's great. I think I'll just take the last 1mm off the support piece, and cut a piece of ali to a precise 200mm to lay across the support piece just when setting it up.
I accidentally nibbled a bit off the end of mine on first use (lack of instructions).

What I do now when I set it up is to put an engineers square flush against the cutting strip of my Festool rail, run a ruler underneath the rail, just touching the square and aligned to the side of the fence and then set the fence at the 200mm point on the ruler. I can then set any stop position that I want pretty accurately.

Have a watch here : Benchdogs Mk2 Fence system - Review - YouTube

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