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19 Feb 2015
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North Cumbria
Hi all

Back onto this one, I need a bench belt sander. Ok in the ideal world we would all have a very large workshop with every tool possible so that we can just get on with making and not researching so often but as yet no big wins to do that. So looking at sanders
it does look like a rogues gallery of sanders, some trying to not look like others etc etc but it is just daft at how many there are. So do not want to buy something like this due to cost, weight and usage Metal Belt Grinder BS 100 - Professional Belt Grinding Machine or BDS 360 Metal Grinder - Belt & Disc Grinding Machine for Metalworking although I would love to as they have proper motors 1100 Watts. They state metal but just as good with wood.

Now just spoted this with 6 inch belt and 750 Watt motor at £300 inc BDS 690 Belt & Disc Sander | Quality Electrical Sanding Machine Anyone any feedback, it's out of stock but looks ok just want some peoples experience.

The Record version is £440, !!

Anything else out there people reckon to buy or to avoid? Do not need 6 inch so 4 would be fine.
I have the Triton TSPST 450 which is a combination unit of belt or spindle oscillating sander and anything that doesn't fit on that I use a lidl/Aldi belt sander if needed. Oh and I have a 12" disk sander as well which I got from Machine Mart, which is surprisingly very good for the money.
Like Droogs I've also got the Triton Belt/bobbin sander

Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 17.16.41.png
but if I need to get a bit more hands on I've also got the cheapie Makita that uses the same size belt. Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 17.17.18.png
You can pick up both machines for less than the price of one of those you linked to so my choice was fairly easy for me ;)
And the makita above has a bracket so you can screw or bolt it down....
I bought it when my makita heavy duty stopped working and for the price, its fantastic.

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