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Little Woodworm
2 Jul 2012
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This is the "Sphere" (I use the quotation marks to indicate the term is used in a somewhat flexible manner here!) I mentioned a little while back, it was, as are most of my productions, an adventurous little wretch to bring to completion, falling off the lathe attached to a chuck isn't that good for the finishing.

The usual chestnut spirit stains were used for colour, along with the acrylic sanding sealer and the melamine spray as a top coat, the timber is spalted Beech but the spalting was very poor and not in the least attractive, so no loss there.

I made the base from a single piece of Sycamore then cut and carved away the waste to leave the legs. then sprayed it with sealer and ebonizing spray lacquer, finally the inside was coated with gilt powder and small dabs added to the outside to give a fine speckled effect, then all over sprayed with satin lacquer.

The ball is about 7.5 inches in diameter and hollowed to give a wall thickness of about 8mm.

I photographed it outside to try and get the sun to light up the colours, it sort of worked!

On the blog there are a couple more angles and also a sequence showing the repair work on the fracture.


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Very nice. must have been a real challenge to hold it for final turning of the base.
True enough Procell, I turned it down as thin as I could, I think it would have had about an inch remaining as the wood was slightly punky in parts, certainly not as strong as intact timber anyway, then sawed the last bit through. I mounted a Jacob's chuck in the headstock with a sanding pad and finished it off hand held against the pad.
Lovely bit of work Kim. Don't know about a beach ball though, that hole in the top makes it look like one of my ten pin bowling balls. :)
A very well turned and finished "Sphere", I like the stand but I personally would like to have seen the outer surface the same as the inner so that when the Sphere is sat on it there is a contrast.