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21 Oct 2017
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This is probably one of the first things most of you were taught when learning the mysterious art of woodwork.
How would I go about making a slab of wooy/ply/mdf square using a tablesaw if all of the sides are differentent lengths and have lumps on its edges? In other words none of the lengths are straight they are wavey.
let us assume these are the lengths.
Top = 449mm - 451mm
Bottom = 462mm - 478
Left hand side = 305mm - 309
Right hand side = 312mm - 313
I would like to get it to
449mm x 305mm
I can get 1-2mm min and 315mm max with my fence on the tablesaw
You cant. BUT if you go back to the old face side and edge method, you can.
90% of woodworking is about referencing from points/edges/sides etc which is what the above gives you. So before you do any dimensioning, get your jackplane sharpened up and make a flat face and a straight edge that are at 90 degrees to each other. Now put the the face on the table and the edge on the fence (or whatever you are using to guide) Apologies if the youtube link says this, I didn't watch it... I have an aversion! :lol:

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