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Bandsaw cabinet design


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14 Nov 2013
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Last November I bought a Record Power BS300 to replace my old Axminster BS 250.

https://www.recordpower.co.uk/product/p ... rLNW55Kj3g

and. so far, have been very happy with it. However, unlike the BS250 which stood on a cabinet, the Record Power 300 uses a metal stand which takes up a lot of space in my somewhat crowded workshop. As such, I would like to build a wheeled cabinet instead of the current stand.

According to the specification, the BS300 weighs in at 85 kg although this may include the weight of the stand. So far, I have thought of 3 options for the cabinet sides and door:

1. 18mm MDF
2. 18mm ply, possibly birch ply
3. Frame and panel sides made out of 22mm poplar, or similar, for the stiles and rails with 6mm ply or MDF for the panels themselves.

The top and base will be 2 pieces of 12 mm ply of MDF glued together to get a 24mm thickness.

Will any of these be strong enough? Any thoughts?