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23 Jul 2019
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I've decided a bandsaw is going to be the biggest help for what I am after but have close to zero knowledge on the small (I think they are small) differences between them. Two that look suitable for me, but also very similar to each other, are the axminster AP2552B and axminster AP1854B. The latter looks slightly different to the other axminster bandsaws, and unlike most of their labelling where the smaller number means smaller/less expensive it is 100 more. Can someone with some knowledge point me to the benefits of either machine? Thanks
the. former one has wider throat and better depth of cut. Depends on what work you are doing but the latter one looks small to me
Many bandsaw buyers tend to buy with smaller depth cut that they really need. Possibly to keep costs down. Far better to buy larger if possible, but do take your time looking round and get an idea of the sort of work you will be doing before you part with your money. If you have the space, floor models are far more sturdy than benchtop models. Do look at the Record BS350 and BS400. I had a |BS400 until a few days ago and it was really a great machine.
Whuilst you are looking, do also think about dust extraction. Getting the right filtration is important. I have an Axminster Neumatic NVD750 I bought from Axminster for £399.96 in 2014 with long 100mm hose that I am selling now if interested.
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