Bakuma Shark bars

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busy builder":2fkxcx7s said:
I lost one of my 12 year old Bakuma Shark pry bars down a cavity and badly need to replace it. But I can't find a retailer in the UK.

nearest I could find.... ... 1539858957

I've tried the Cumquats cheapo Silverline, they aren't a patch on Bakuma, I think Silverline use putty to make theirs.

Could you buy one of the modern super-strong magnets and go fishing? ... 2363,42356

Google "sea searcher magnet" or "Recovery magnet"
Standard kit on canal boats.

Dictum and Dieter Schmidt both sell a range of Japanese nail bars. Argosminster sell the Mokuba brand.
I prefer Mokuba (rocking horse) and Dogyu (bullhead) to the Bakuma (shark)
Estwing proclaw is supposed to be made for them by Dogyu - I want to see one before parting with any money as there are too many shoddy look-a-like tools out there