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19 May 2018
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There have been a few moans about Axminster on UKWorkshop, mainly about price increases. To balance this, I thought it only fair to let you know about my recent experience with them. I have no connection to Axminster Tools, apart from being a customer for about 25 years.

My AC370WL lathe bogged down when turning a medium bowl, there was clearly something wrong with it. It was 2 years 11 months old, so just still in the 3 year warranty. I spoke to Axminster and there was absolutely no BS, no hurdles to jump, just prompt and excellent service. I thought that I would struggle to package up the entire lathe and they agreed for me just to send the affected parts back to them and they would sort it out from there. I got the repaired machine back in less than 2 weeks. They gave me a breakdown of what was replaced and I can confirm that, if anything, it's better than new.

This has NOT been my experience with other companies when I've had problems! I won't name and shame, but I've had shockingly bad service from some other woodworking retailers.

This kind of service does cost a company more. So, you pays your money and takes your choice, but it's worth hearing about what happens when something goes wrong.
When I bought my bandsaw the fence had an annoying dink on one face - just enough to make the workpiece not sit tight against it. It appeared to have been dropped in the factory. I sent a photo asking what would be the best way to sort it (three or four strokes with a file actually fixed it), but instead of having any sort of email back and forth, they just posted out a new fence - no questions asked. I was actually trying it on to some extent, as while it was not ideal in a new item, it wasn't a huge issue: I was thinking more of a £10 voucher as a goodwill gesture.

I like to tell people my little Axminster story because I think they are fabulous.