Axminster AWS10 Sliding Mitre Saw

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I'm on the lookout for a compound mitre saw and was initially looking at the Axminster MS10C, a 10" model. This is available for £177.77.

Axminster then came up with the AWS10 sliding model which is priced at £139.95. Again 10" blade and it appears it will do all that the MS10C does for some £35 odd cheaper.

Must be a catch somewhere? Can anyone shed any light, or does anyone own one and can comment on the performance.

By the way I'm new to the forum, so hi to all! 8)

....oops, should have posted this in 'Buying Advice', sorry :oops:
foxprint, the cheaper axminster saw is the same as the performance power saw that you can get from B&Q for £119. It has a differnet blade, but other than that it is pretty much the same.

I have the B&Q saw and it has served me fine, but I couldn't easily replace the blade because it has an odd arbour size (the axminster one has a standard CMT blade). It also took a little bit of effort to make sure it cut true and accurate and the slide was not very smooth. It also over balanced now and again. It is very very loud.

I have just replaced it with the Elektra Beckum KGS255, see thread below in this forum, and it is night and day. The lecky becky was £269.00 so a bit more expensive but I think it is worth it.

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