Axminster AW106PT2 Planer Thicknesser

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3 Aug 2009
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Just North of Liverpool
After 25 years of hand plane stock prep, I appear to have slowed down a bit. I am a bit swamped and needed to find a way of cutting some time out of the process.

So, I have just pulled the trigger on one of these

With 200 quid off the price and reasonable reviews I couldn't resist.

I do feel like I have just sold a piece of my soul, though!
I've got the original model that I purchased from member on these forums, once correctly set up (it was dismantled for transport) it is a really good machine and considerably quieter than either of my previous PTs. The 3 blades also help to give a great finish.

Andy King did a review of the model I have and sent me it as a PM, which I will forward on to you.