AXMINSTER AC216TS table saw

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8 Jul 2020
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West Yorkshire
(Re-doing this post as I think my internet cut out last time before I could post it.
I am thinking of buying an AC216TS, taking account of comments about this saw on this site. Axminster blades for this saw 216mm x 30mm bore) only go up to 56t. I need an 80T blade for a commission that will involve cutting plywood up to 18mm thick. Would an 80T blade made by a different manufacturer be suitable and safe? Eg De Walt make a 216 x 30 x 80T blade (DT 4286). The kerf is slightly wider than the Ax blades (2.6 as opposed to 2.2) but I am not sure whether this would matter? Grateful for advice. Thank you
Just in case you haven't found it: a-guide-to-circular-saw-blades-t119811.html

80 teeth on a small blade is a lot. I assume any blade that fits will work, but will it give you the result you looking for? I'm still using the general purpose blade the saw came with, and it has no problem with 18mm ply. No tearout, doesn't bog down, and no scorch marks as long as it isn't completely blunt (no sharpening service where I live, so it's diy with a diamond file). I have done a bit of cutting full depth hardwood, but I usually take a few passes just to make life easier for everyone. You don't need to with 18mm ply.
Thanks for your reply. Just to confirm that you are using the AC 216TS? My understanding is that it comes with a 48T blade. So, if that works, maybe i need not be worrying so much.
I'd probably go for a slight negative rake blade as you'll get an even nicer finish on ply with fewer teeth than a positive rake blade with more teeth, something like this CMT offering (CMT blades are excellent by the by):

It is a 2.8mm kerf but it shouldn't cause too much trouble in ply, I think some people can be a bit over the top when it comes to riving knife fitment being perfect to the blade. Also with a negative rake blade there will be a little more resistance to the cut as it's actually scraping material from the cut rather than chopping it out but this results in a better finish in ply and laminate.
Thanks again for your advice. Really helpful. More generally, I find it soooooo difficult to make decisions about machinery. After a year of training at a furniture school, this is my first workshop. I don’t have a huge amount of space and certainly not a limitless budget, but am trying to buy decent machinery to produce good work. So, advice from others in the know is greatly welcomed!
As an AC216TS owner I’d say the blade that comes with it is actually good enough to cut plywood with veneered faces cleanly without tearout, particularly if you make a zero clearance insert - which you should do. It is actually a reasonably high tooth count for a 216mm blade.

One of the improvements Axy made with this saw is to supply it with a more premium blade. It is one of their premium Axcalibur blades. If anything, I’d say you’d want to buy a rip blade for normal ripping as the motor doesn’t have quite enough grunt with the out of the box blade to do full depth hardwood cuts without some burning.
Strangely enough, they actually sell one for this saw. Not sure how zero clearance it is though. Better if they just sold valchromat blanks.