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7 Feb 2012
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Hello, does anybody know where I can get aluminium T- track in the UK in 36 inch lengths or more, Axminster, Rutland, and Woodworkers workshop are all out of stock until at least the end of March
Ref axminster stocks... Their web site lists whats in the main store, but doesnt keep track of what in the retail shops.
i buy a lot of stuff from axminster basingstoke and can often get them to supply stuff that is listed out of stock, as they ring around their other stores and get it sent to basingstoke for me.

Phone your nearest store and ask nicely.
Thank's Colin, I did see that one, but it would be a last resort, as I need 6 and being dovetailed it will make fitting them a lot more hassle, but then again they would be a lot more secure once fitted, you have given me something to think about now
Thank's sunnybob, I have just emailed Axminster in Sittingbourne which is my nearest to see if they can help, I did not think of that
Hah, I got basingstoke to raid sittingbourne only 2 weeks ago, hope theres some left for you (lol)
is it the 1/2" or the 3/4" that you need. I have some rutlands 1/2" I think. I would think that there is 3 lengths at 48", because I only used one and it seems to be in packs of 4 lengths.
sunnybob I got a reply from Axminster and they only had 3 left, so I blame you for that
Marcos---thank you for the offer but I need 6, so I have gone for the dovetailed ones from Axminster as they are in stock for next day delivery
Transatlantic--- that one is only for sliding mitre gauges so the slot would be too small for what I want, but the price was good
I have used aluminium curtain track for some light duty applications, that comes quite long and is a fair bit cheaper.
I used curtain track on my first router table. better than nothing but just not man enough for any serious clamping though.

I now have proper T track and even micro adjusters for the router table fence clamped into the track.
Its brilliant.
Estoril-5":igew5yja said:
Newbie question here, what are these tracks actually used for?

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You attach them to your tool/jig/whatever and it gives you a clamping surface to easily attach other attachments.They're used everywhere, you can't miss them.