Any knowledge of a Rojek MSP 310M P/T.

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31 May 2023
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Dear all,
There is a Rojek MSP 310M P/T (240 volt) for sale on eBay:

Only a single photo on the ad (why oh why do people only put up 1 photo!),
It looks clean, from the photo and is described as:
"Refurbished with new Electro Mechanical Brake and Full Wave rectifier August 2023 £471.60
Delivery can be arranged
This has been a much loved piece of equipment in a joinery workshop."

I cant find any information on this type of machine, I believe Axminister may have sold them at some point.
Starting asking price is £700.

Does anyone have any opinion on whether this would be a good buy?
This looks like the same machine, same last picture: Rojeck I have the older model the Euro 3 MSP310M its a damn good workhorse in a busy shop, however I have taken the tables off and set it up as permanent thickneser (my brake is disengaged because it kept locking up)

NB mine is on a 16A supply.
@HOJ That's some good sleuthing on finding the photo!
Emmm, have to wonder why would the seller use an image of a different machine and not the machine he is selling. Its not even the same model!

I've request some more photos of the machine. Interesting to see what is posted!
Hi all, as you know, there were 2 separate models back when I sold them. I'd be a bit wary @O'Chippy as you have realised the pic used isn't of the model they are selling....

Key differences for info
MSP310 - fixed bed & HSS X 4
MSP315 - lift bed & tersa

Rojek was a great brand originally built in Czech Republic and although what could be classed as 'agricultural' build quality - that was a good thing and they were solidly built to do a job and they did it well at a good price - as @HOJ says, they were 'workhorses'
I probably sold 70% more MSP310 than the 315 version just for info.

MSP310 had the big benefit of fixed tables unlikely to go out of square as no lifting ever happened, but only drawback was to thickness you had to 'lean under' the outfeed table to get the timber in. Also with 4 knives, the finish was great.

If it helps, 2 pages attached from an old 2007 catalogue I still have (re-badged as Euro 5 by then)

Cheers, Nick


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Thanks @Nick Laguna UK .
I actually read a Fine Homebuilding article that reviewed the 310 and it outlines the differences Vs the 315 same as you have.

It's a little odd that the seller gives specific details on the refurbishment work but then posts a stock internet image of a similar machine.

It's apparently 25 miles or so from me so I'll view it before parting with money.
Id say it's genuine but just a poorly thought out advert.
Thanks for the pointers.
You've got me thinking now as to which model I do actually have, its Tersa with lift tables, I clearly haven't been very observant! perhaps it is the Euro 5, but I will say again its been faultless (apart from the Brake)
I ordered one some years back for the Technology faculty in the secondary school I worked at. Four of used the machine and were very pleased with it's performance. It was a bit rough around the edges but it was rock solid, reliable and accurate.
The "Refurbished with new Electro Mechanical Brake and Full Wave rectifier August 2023 £471.60"
would be a big buying point to me as I expect it's been in an environment where this is legally required and should have been looked after.
At £700 I'd be in the car immediately.

It's apparently 25 miles or so from me so I'll view it before parting with momones.
You'll have to commit to buying before ebay will allow you to exchange personal details that could lead to a deal outside their system. You can try asking for a viewing but don't be surprised if your message is blocked.

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