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Am I allowed a little gloat?


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14 Nov 2006
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Near Oxford
It is not really a gloat as there is nothing new I have bought here - but since I finished the Krenov drinks cabinet (now with 10 malts in it so a cabinet just for me and my whisky really :D :D), I have not started anything new - instead I have been over my entire workshop, fine tuned all the machines - stripped and assembled most of them, sharpened blades, cleaned guides, waxed tables etc etc
But also, I have really taken some care and time over all my chisels and sharpened them all to a very high degree of sharpness (Veritas honing guide + WH scary sharp for me sorry Rob / Jacob etc etc)

Then I cleaned up my old screwdrivers with abranet and finishing oil, and turned 3 handles in olive wood and walnut to make a couple of screwdriver mounts and a hand-countersink

Last and not least I fettled, cleaned and sharpened all my planes - here they are in all their glory - a mixture of all sorts

Top right QS No6, Record No5 (my scrub plane), Cliffie 4 1/2 with a toothed blade, Bailey No 4, Record No 3, woden 78
Top left QS 62, LN 62, Veritas small BU smoother, that awful Record multiplane which I put a nice walnut handle on which at least feels better, Axi 3110, Record 410
Middle from bottom LN skew, LN 102, QS rabbet, QS 60, LN spokeshave
I have tinkered and bought and sold a few over the years but this lot does most of what I want to do
Thanks for indulging me!
Cheers (with a glass of Lagavulin)


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22 Mar 2010
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Newton Abbot,Devon
Well done Mark, I've made several starts on a similar mission but keep getting sidetracked making things. Maybe tomorrow... :roll:
Regards Keith

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