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26 Oct 2004
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Vinci (FI) - Italy
Hi All,

I am restoring an old cypress table and I wanted an suited finish.
I thought to do an linseed oil+beewax finish.

What do you think about?

Any advices will be welcome :)
Hi Gabrielle,

Are you planning to restore the table (as opposed to renovate)? That's to say do you want to use the same finish as the original?

I think linseed oil is quite a labour intensive finish (Joyce says 12 coats!!) and my book on finishing quotes an old finisher who says that a traditional oil finish should be rubbed with a bare hand twice a day for a week, twice a week for a month, twice a month for a year and twice a year for life :shock: Have you considered a traditional oil based varnish? You can then wax over the top (beeswax on its own is probably too soft - again, a pure burnished beeswax finish is another labour intensive but beautiful finish). E

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