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Advice on car boot box


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13 Jan 2021
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Thanks for reading! First post.

I’ll start by saying I’m not an experienced woodworker. I’ve made a few things out of pallets with L-brackets, butt joints and just started using pocket holes but nothing fancy. I also don’t have a massive amount of tools: drill, jigsaw, circular saw, random orbital sander, router and a few basic hand tools.

I want to make something like this:

However, I’m concerned about having a big, thick sheet of plywood in my boot if i was to be involved in a crash. I want it to be strong but also collapse if I was to be rear ended as my daughter would be in the back seat.

My ideas so far have been to cut the top up into long, horizontal strips and then pocket hole them together to make a panel. This would hopefully be strong in terms on downwards pressure but would buckle and collapse with any impact from behind. Also, rather than use a complete piece of plywood for the side legs, to either jigsaw holes out or to have smaller pieces acting as legs. Furthermore, I thought 1/2” plywood (12mm) would suffice, but not sure if another material (MDF, particle board, etc) would be better as although it wouldn’t be as strong, it would fall apart easier in a crash.

Sorry if none of this makes sense, it’s hard to describe everything!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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28 Nov 2018
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Moreton in marsh
Haven't watched the video but I think the main issue with any sort of project like this is how you anchor the thing down. If you have anchor points in your boot floor can you use turnbuckles or straps to attach it securely.
Perhaps hinge the top and bottom somewhere so it can fold up if pushed forward and keep the pull out the same length as one hinged section.

This could be useful for ideas
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