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Advice needed for a filteration system


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15 Jun 2020
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Brierley Hill
Hi, I made a filter for my laser machine, which I predominantly use to cut/engrave MDF. The issue I was facing was filtering and venting the fumes. My workshop is in my garden shed so I obviously do not want to upset the neighbours. I built this filter a with a set up like prefilter>hepa filter>carbon filter>fan

It worked wonders with zero smoke or smell...until it stopped working which was due to the HEPA filter getting clogged. Thinking it was because I did not change my pre-filter in time, I changed the pre-filter and the HEPA filter and monitored the pre-filter but it all got clogged once again (the HEPA filter before the pre-filter).

I've narrowed the issue down to not using an adequate pre-filter for the HEPA so am currently looking for a solution. One that will be low maintenance. I found these filters on eBay which I am thinking to use Charnwood-Micro-Clean-MCF200-Air-Cleaner-Replacement-Filters-for-MC200 (can't post links, I found it on eBay)

Pack of five for £27 which I am happy with, even if I was to use a new filter every week, as long as this prolonged the life of my HEPA (which costs me £50 a piece). HVAC-F7-85-Bag-Filter-Various-Sizes-20mm-Header-Pocket-Filter (also on ebay)

This is also approx £27 but I don't know how long this will last me - my previous HEPA filters in my previous set up have lasted only a week. I'm not sure whether F7 filters are washable.

Can any one advise me of the best possible solution to protect my HEPA and carbon filters in the cheapest possible way (without having to spend £2k on a commercial solution).

Many thanks :)