AC216TS or DWE7491?

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3 May 2020
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Looking to buy a table saw. I grew up in Canada, and so am quite partial to it vs. a bandsaw as my central cutting tool. Space isnt a factor, but I cant do three-phase. I’ve been watching the used market around me (Birmingham) for months but nothing of decent quality has shown up (or has lasted long enough that I was able to put an offer in). Anyway, I’ve settled on either the DWE7491 or the Axminster Craft saw. The plus on the Ax is that is has an induction motor and the heavy cast iron design. The DW7491 apparently has a long arbor and can take a dado stack which I think is pretty unusual for the UK. The Ax is £529, the Dewalt is ~£700. Can anyone sway me one way or the other, or provide a compelling (and available) alternative?
My mate has the Axminster 216, and I recently sold my DW and replaced it with something else German and green....

The Ax has an induction motor (quieter) - the DW is blooming still need ear protection with either, so this is just about how much you want to upset the family/neighbours :D
The Ax table is flatter and heavier.....very precise, but the fence can be problematic
The DW fence is solid as a rock..
The DEwalt is a 250mm blade, the Ax is a 216 - DW has better depth of cut, and will cut deeper bevels... - can take a stack, but only just.....
Blade angle adjustment on the Ax is smooth and precise - less so on the Dewalt.
The Ax has better dust extraction - way better.....
You can pick the DW up and put it away when needed - the Axminster is a Unit....
You can buy a sliding table for the Ax, but equally, you can make a crosscut sled for either......
It's (marginally) easier to mount a zero clearance plate in the Axminster
DeWalt quality control is first class - Axminster have had some issues in the past (but are brilliant at sorting them out for you)

Worth going and having a look at them and see what you think.

If you are going to do lots and lots of rips, for subsequent finessing with hand tools, the DeWalt is great. If doing a few, high quality pieces at a time, the Ax will probably do a little better. If you can do a 16A single phase supply, Axminster do a great 254mm trade saw, probably more akin to the larger saws folks typically use in Canada :D

Have fun choosing...
Thanks for the detailed reply! It’s really helpful. The reality is that the DWE7491 would be stretching my budget already for this tool, and sadly can’t go to the range of a cabinet saw. I had really hoped to find one used at a price I can handle but I’m not having any luck. I’ll most likely end up getting the Axminster.

Thanks again!