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23 Apr 2008
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A Wood Haven
A little different this one, but the perfect small job to forefill my woodworking desires around a busy schedule. As commission from extended family I had the oak board on the CNC at Christmas time, its a poem, I've blurred the poem out in the pictures as its personal to the people it belongs too.

But its the frame I'm more pleased with, I've worked with ABW a few times, the first time I made the mistake of thinking the sap wood was the heart wood, so didn't look great. The second time the finish was spoiled by gorilla glue foam markings, the third time I didn't follow Lord Nibbos finishing advice of 2 coats of sanding sealer knocked back then danish oil.

I routed the frame with a massive scary CMT ogee type cutter from Axminster. Routed a groove into this and also made a tongue on the back of the panel to sit in the frame with good space for movement, mitred the frame with the TS and jointed with 4mm dominos. Finished with 3 or so coats of sanding sealer and a few coats of danish oil. Very pleased to have finally made something decent with ABW!



Thanks for looking!