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I think it might help if you could grab a photo of the 6" cut you mentioned, because that is clearly the most important issue. I don't think it would be a huge loss to the furniture world if you were to simply split this down into its constituent parts and store the boards away for a future project, particularly if the top is solid wood rather than veneered. It looks like mass produced mid 20th century stuff to me, with the low stretchers being a nod towards late mediaeval/ Tudor/ Jacobean furniture.
I have several pieces from that range that I have picked up second hand over the last few years.
It is the ‘flagstone’ range from Barker&Stonehouse.

Made somewhere where tropical hardwood is common and imported to the UK, so may also be available from other places.

If I recall correctly, it is described as ‘mango wood’, it’s certainly a good, dense tropical hardwood with great grain/flame.

The inlays on the top are ceramic tiles, so not possible to flatten by conventional means.

If someone has then stained it, then that’s crazy. Hopefully just a top-coating/varnish and not sunk into the wood.
“Designed with an appearance that will mellow and improve with the passage of time. Flagstone is beautifully crafted from reclaimed fruitwood, with a unique natural stone tile inlay.”

I have no idea what the ‘natural stone’ is. Could be soft as soap stone or lime stone, or it could be as hard as a ceramic tile. Given that it is flush with the top, I suspect it can be machine finished or sanded in some way.

This table is the same as yours but with the extensions went for £395, as a reference for both the cost and what it could look like if refinished properly.
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The legs and subframe are identical from the original picture to the ebay link. The ‘cannon’ legs, the stretcher with 2- grooves that is joined with a single large dovetail, etc.

Looking at the pic, it seems that was the point at which it was stained given it is standing on cardboard and there are brown marks around the feet. The can in the bottom right is Dulux Woodsheen, which claims to be a ‘stain and varnish’, so hopefully it is a just a coloured varnish.

The datasheet says it is solvent based, so could penetrate into the wood, but also it contains pigment and binders, so the colour may just be in the coating.

https://prdakzodecodocumentssa.blob...k/en/dulux trade protective woodsheen tds.pdf
Try a sharp chisel on the stone first and see if it cuts easy as it could just be some kind of faux stone resin which will be fairly easy to cut.
.......Would it be safe to plane down the top with a No 7? (don't want to break the plane). ........

Use a card scraper. Absolutely no harm done if it turns out to be something hard, and it would the best choice anyway for cleaning up timber with varying grain directions and an unknown surface build-up.
There’s a lot of decent timber still in there for jewellery boxes or woodturning. The legs alone are easily a £10 turning blank each.
I have used freegle to get rid of things. Generally no problem but a bit of advice would be not to immediately accept the first offer but to find out when they can collect and a general feel for what they are like. I have been messed about, some people put in an offer without first checking sizes etc, then change their mind. Same would apply to Facebook marketplace etc.