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A mobile sawbench base.


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22 Apr 2012
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NSW Australia
Various people here have just helped me solve a problem with this saw ... something that was causing me a real headache. Perhaps this will repay some of their generosity. It's a modification of a design presented on this site,
http://woodgears.ca/index.html. A very useful and interesting collection of ideas. I recommend it.

Anyway my Wadkin AGS10 is a heavy saw to move and the floor in my workshop is not everything it could be. This mechanism allows me to gently lift the saw up about 10mm from the floor. The idea is 2 axles bolted to the saw cabinet (my saw has a multitude of holes in it's cabinet already... 4 more seem reasonable) which then allow the saw to be pulled up 4 inclined planes in the wooden base. My battery drill acting through a length of threaded rod and a pivoting captured nut provides the lift.

This mobile base is great, it's gentle to the saw ... meaning I don't have to apply much load to the top and risk racking it out of alignment and once on it's wheels it easy to move. The other thing is it's all home built.

A couple of photos.

Raised position.

Down position.