a little knowledge I didn't think I'd ever need ...


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Phil Pascoe

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29 Jan 2012
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Shaft City, Mid Cornish Desert
How do do a Heimlich Manoeuvre. My wife staggered into the kitchen, falling in front of me choking. I managed to get my wheelchair behind her and on the fourth or fifth attempt I got it. Not the easiest thing to do from a wheelchair, and I hope I never have to do it again. Scarey.

Words fail, other than well done! Need any help? (Not that I'm in a position to, but are you now sorted? If not, this isn't the best forum - NHS direct or similar might be better :)
she should probably get checked out by a doctor, in case of any internal damage.

that is what I was told on a recent first aid course, if the manoeuvre was ever used.

glad it all went well though.
Crikey. Glad all was well that ended well Phil!
At first I read it wrong and was about to get in touch with your Mrs to see if she had any Box handled paring chisels to sell.

Maybe next time.
Wow wow and wow again. Well done Phil for saving the day !

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Terrible that you had to act, great that you managed it, and amazing the efforts one can conjure up in times of desperation.
I only had vague idea til I read that, Duncan. It's amazing we weren't taught this kind of thing in school.
On my first aid at work course refresher. We watched a video where a girl was choking. she went from choking to full black out in less that 10 seconds. speed is vital and you did what you had to do. and from a wheelchair as well. May I add a humble well done too.
Great work in tackling what must have been a frightening time for both you and the Mrs, hope she is fully recovered now
Gold medal for swift thinking and two epaulette stars for achieving it from seated. As a First Aider of many years, my experience is that doing it (in drills )when standing up is DIFFICULT. Managing it for real from your chair deserves some serious respect. =D> =D> =D>