3 pronged water meter key


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26 Dec 2020
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Rugby Uk
I need to turn off the water at a flat I own for a simple plumbing job. There is no internal stop cock. There is a cock just before the water meter. It needs a 3 pronged key. The meter is at the bottom of a very small deep chamber mostly full of muddy water (it gets read electronically so normally no problem) The room is so limited that I cannot get even a small pair of pliers onto the top to turn the thing off. I can feel the top is round with 3 half round grooves around the outside to take a key. Thought I might borrow one from a neighbor but the meters all take different keys so you cannot turn off the wrong water by mistake - helpful that - could just put the house / flat numbers on the lids. I thought I would make one. Bit of blue tac to take an impression. Well now there is a bit of blue tac down there somewhere!

Does anyone know where I can get a 3 pronged key? I may try to make one but the flat is about 90 minutes away from home.
a search on amazon for water meter key gives a lot of options, possibly something that works, the closest I can see is a socket that goes over a triangle, not sure that that is what you want?

I wouldn't try anything makeshift, if it isn't strong enough it'll break and you'll have no water full stop. I'd contact the water board, explain the need to have a stopcock fitted and request a key sent to you