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  1. Trainee neophyte

    Under Bed Storage drawers

    I always assumed wheels, what with them being free range etc. Are you going for the full face frame , built in look?
  2. Trainee neophyte

    Wedge making jig

    We had another thread on this recently: Making wedges (wood) The video from that shows the jig nicely: I never did thank @pe2dave for posting it, so here goes: thank you.
  3. Trainee neophyte

    BBC Scaremongering again

    And there's the rub: do we believe Aunt Beeb because she tells us repeatedly she is right and honest and fair and impartial, or do we believe other, foreign news services who are therefore untrustworthy by defininition but have diametrically opposite imformation? Or do you try and apply logic...
  4. Trainee neophyte

    BBC Scaremongering again

    What offends me most about the BBC is the outright lying. They are merely a propaganda outlet for the UK government, which wouldn't be quite so bad except that the UK government is an insane, warmongering monster (I don't mean Boris, who couldn't find his arris with both hands and and map, but...
  5. Trainee neophyte

    The MA thread - AKA Everyday Fan Vault Construction for Beginners.

    The drawings are a thing of beauty and remind me of Mandelbrot fractals. It's very complex, yet simple and organic at the same time. I bet there is a really simple equation underlying it all, but it almost certainly won't help unless you are a fern.
  6. Trainee neophyte

    S.A.D hitting me early this year

    Giving up my 2 hour siesta I find very depressing. It's not too hot to work now, so its all day mayhem, with an hour off for coffee at 2:00pm. No more afternoon naps until next June. I also suffer from view fatigue: because it's always there, I tend not to look. I have to make a point of...
  7. Trainee neophyte

    BBC Scaremongering again

    Never believe anything a government says until it has been officially denied. I've been amusing myself by looking at the other side of BBC's anti - China propaganda - their grey filtration to be precise.
  8. Trainee neophyte

    Axminster Tools, warranty repair experience

    When I bought my bandsaw the fence had an annoying dink on one face - just enough to make the workpiece not sit tight against it. It appeared to have been dropped in the factory. I sent a photo asking what would be the best way to sort it (three or four strokes with a file actually fixed it)...
  9. Trainee neophyte

    I don't believe it!!!

    The left/right conundrum. Neither side are in it for the little people, and both systems have an elite who get all the benefits at the expense of the little people. The only real difference between the two systems is who gets to be the aristocrat. The common analogy is two wolves and a sheep...
  10. Trainee neophyte

    Scratter Vs wood chipper

    Ideally you want at least 8% so it doesn't spoil if kept a long time. And for falling over purposes, obviously. Anything up to 16% is acceptable - above that it gets a bit hazy.
  11. Trainee neophyte

    Rusty's workshop: from empty room to dream workshop (will be pic heavy)

    Apples arrived - should be all done by end of play Sunday. We use a small petrol powered wood chipper which purées the apples beautifully. I wanted to build a scratter because it is made of wood and therefore better, but following a thread here a while ago we are sticking with the chipper, as...
  12. Trainee neophyte

    I don't believe it!!!

    There is no such thing as a "robust" fact checker. There is no longer anything remotely like "facts" in the original, s ientific sense of the word - not even for science. Here is a nicely politicised anti - fact-checking fact check: choose your side, and your facts accordingly :)...
  13. Trainee neophyte

    Rusty's workshop: from empty room to dream workshop (will be pic heavy)

    1200kg of apples arriving this evening :)🎉🥳👯‍♂️👯‍♀️ (The workshop is for working - beverages just get knocked over, forgotten, mislaid and abandoned. The chances of finding an empty flat surface big enough to put a cup down on are slim to none. Obviously alcohol and powertools are not a good...
  14. Trainee neophyte

    Paint stripper

    Oven/barbecue cleaner works worryingly well. I know this because I have just ruined someone's table by mistake - I put the bottle down and a few drips ate straight through the finish and the stain underneath. Oops. I now need a crash course in furniture restoration.
  15. Trainee neophyte

    I don't believe it!!!

    At the risk of devolving into pedantry, that may not quite be the case: HIV is the name of a virus, but AIDS is the name of a disease, which happens to be caused by the HIV virus. Note that the disease was "discovered" before the virus which caused it was identified...