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    Untreated oak

    Silver seems to be the new black. Are people using clear wood preservative on untreated oak garden furniture? Just thinking it would slow the endgrain from soaking up water. Thanks.
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    Workshop hourly rate

    I have been asked to cut the waste off of waney edged boards prior to going into a kiln. Approx. 1000 cubic feet. various widths and lengtsh. How would I price that job?
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    Workshop hourly rate

    Hi guys, what is the going hourly rate for workshop time? I'm having to move workshop and so this is a good time to evaluate my charges. Thanks. S
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    Kitchen fitting footwear

    I'm looking for some shoes that are lightweight, comfortable, supportive and don't wear out in the toe after a few days crouching on concrete. Any thoughts?
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    disc sander

    thanks guys. you've answered my question.
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    Best paint for kitchen cabinets?

    I agree with everything Murdoch says. it's our preferred finish.
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    disc sander

    hi, I've just bought a 12" floor standing disc sander, which I am refurbishing. should I carry on with the adhesive backed discs or move on to hook and loop?
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    Bosch saw track

    Haha. Thought the field might be a bit wider.
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    Bosch saw track

    Which brands of saw will work on the Bosch saw track.
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    Makita DTM50z MultiTool - Has anyone got one?

    I agree with everything Coley says. Tho I tend to buy cheaper blades in bulk and just toss them away sooner.
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    HVLP Sprayers investigation and review

    Excellant post. Thanks. But reading it did end up costing me twice as much money .
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    Unbranded makita batteries - update

    Hoodwinked, who did you buy from? A link possible?
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    Ta guys
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    Who has the best deals for mafell plunge saws?