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    Like the look of that MFT top Doug, there's one on my to do list in the near future :mrgreen: Cheers Steve
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    TCT Circular Saw Sharpening (Postal)

    Never used them myself but there's also Tewkesbury Saw Co Tewkesbury Saw Co Regards Steve
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    Hobby cnc users.

    Thanks, must admit there were a few times I nearly threw in the towel but glad I stuck with it in the end, it even earns me a few pennies occasionally now :lol: Steve
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    Hobby cnc users.

    Hi Build your own, I did, took a lot of research and sourcing parts but glad I didn't splash the cash on a ready built machine. Since those pictures I've swapped the Bosch router for a 1.5kw air cooled spindle which is much quieter and at the moment I'm updating the gantry plus I'm using the...
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    Small CNC Router Build

    Hi Chas Just to put my two 'penneth in re the spindle When I built my machine a couple of years ago which admittedly is quite a bit bigger than yours I installed a Bosch POF500 router, this didn't last long so it was replaced with a Trend T3 which I replaced the main bearings in twice ! The...
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    Has anyone here built a CBC router?

    Lee Definitely quite a bit quieter than the router, you couldn't hold a conversation with the router on you can with the spindle on even at 24k rpm albeit it with slightly raised voices. As for the spindle it was one from eBay , Chinese seller but came from Czech republic spindle I got mine...
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    Has anyone here built a CBC router?

    No unfortunately not haven't had the time, the other thing I've changed is the trapezoidal thread which is now twice the speed at tr16x8 Steve There's a few short videos of it working here on you tube but turn your speakers down as they were done with the old Trend T3 screeching away...
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    Has anyone here built a CBC router?

    Hi I've built my own and posted about it on here with the specs in 2015, the only thing I've changed since then is I'm now using a 1.5kw air cooled spindle and inverter rather than the Trend T3 when it was first built CNC Build Cheers Steve
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    Hedge trimmer reviews

    I use the Stihl Kombi system which I bought a few years ago now, I have the KM90R motor unit, KM-HL 0-145 degree hedge trimmer, KM-HT pole pruner and the carbon fibre 1 metre extension pole. It's an excellent set up often talked about by customers when I turn up to cut a hedge with no step...
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    Round Up bargain

    I stopped using Roundup Pro last year as it was getting too expensive and didn't seem to be the same strength as the previous bottle I'd had. Moved over to Gallup 360 home and garden from pitchcare and it's excellent...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    I've been messing around with fonts on the cnc this morning getting ready for a forthcoming project. The font used is liffey which has been V carved using a 22mm 60 degree bit letters were sprayed in using Chestnut ebonising lacquer Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
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    How to make money from woodworking?

    I cut them on the cnc for crafters to decorate, those particular ones are 4mm MDF :) Cheers Steve
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    How to make money from woodworking?

    Some of us already do :mrgreen:
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    Trailer Wanted

    Mark Have you looked at Phoenix trailers Bridgnorth ? Don't know what prices are like and I'm not a customer I just know they're reasonably local to me. Cheers Steve
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    Gert big plane

    Could be in relation to Prestwick airshow 5th & 6th September Steve