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    Sylvesters got an admirer !

    Suffering Succotash, that is cheeky!!
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    Got followed around by what seemed to be a bog standard honey bee today near Bognor. I think it thought my hi-viz was a tasty flower.
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    tools and screws for kitchen install

    There's no straightforward answer. £400 + for a Festool C18 Plus would give you the perfect driver for the job, or the Milwaukee M12 BDDX would be a close second. Although a "hammer" drill may be necessary depending on what you're mounting to. Beyond those the cheapest hammer-drill/driver...
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    I've never tried their service but some of their products are really c**p. As in most businesses I think there is a battle between the engineers and the accountants, the engineers wish to make decent products and the accountants are there as agents of Satan. I'm sorry if any accountants are on...
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    block flooring

    I know next to nothing regarding block flooring, but you can probably get a modern product to suit. Skrewfux sell 7kg tubs of Bostik Leybond for this type of flooring at £40. The flatter the underfloor the less you'll need. I suggest looking at this first.
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    What's the BEST Pen You have used?

    It's gotta be the classic Bic Crystal. Always works, always smooth, always a nice line and not too expensive. Never had a cheap "imitation" work quite like them. You might be able to buy a box of 100 cheapies from Tesco/Poundland/Fortnums/where-ever but they're never as good.
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    Fixing Hitachi C9U/2

    Not sure I've seen a wormdrive by anyone in the UK, very popular across the "pond" and I wonder why we don't have them. I can see the advantage in not having the motor stick out the side.
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    Fixing Hitachi C9U/2

    Motor swopped over perfectly. The wiring next to the commutator and a few segments of that were fried and it looks like some plastic shield/shroud round part of the armature had been worn away which is probably something to do with the problem. Timber framers have always liked these as tough...
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    Torx and modern screw heads

    In general I find Torx miles better than most posi-drives. A new posi bit with decent screws (reiser, spas) are usually fine. A worn bit makes things worse and most cheap screws, e.g Screwfix are fairly poor even with new bits. The only problem with torx is the bit can get a bit sticky in the...
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    Metric only tape measures

    I was lucky enough to get two Fisco tapes, made in England with inches only, marvellous. I had to get them brought over from the US as they're not available over here though!! Unfortunately the tape wasn't particularly robust and has buckled, just like my Stanley's at the end on one. This...
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    New Member

    Hiya Patchy There's many great people on this site, with heaps of useful advice so welcome and enjoy making sawdust. Just beware there's the odd grumpy b****r around but don't get put off by any tool sharpening talk that turns nasty, they just don't get out much or have friends :( Have you...
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    Be wary of what you say to your doctor

    I really can't see what clothing you wear whilst trying to drive fast has to do with insurance outside the sport!!! Or did you wear the 6"inch stilettos at all times?
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    Notes on W L West @ Petworth.

    Hi, Medium to large yard. Several people in the office. Hobby friendly with small shop for tools and wood supplies. I think you can self select but probably need to tell someone in the office you are there. They will deliver for additional charge. You can order by email but no online forms...
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    Fixing Hitachi C9U/2

    Am just looking at a C9U and C9U2 circular saw on my floor. The rotor burnt out on the U2 and it looks like a straight swop for the motor housing from the U (which has a bust base unit/blade housing). Anything to look out for? Any reason why the 4 year old U2 didn't last as long as the 20+...
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    Does this one seem kosher ?

    If someone had nicked it from me and sold it on eBay, or down the pub, I'd be annoyed at him for nicking it and whoever was buying it on for creating the market. He may be genuine, but if you think something is iffy just don't buy it, not just for your sake but also respecting the livelihood...