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    Bandsaw TPI - machine struggling with coarse blades.

    I seem to remember I changed it to the slower speed when I first got the saw. I think I thought it would give me a higher torque for cutting thicker timber. I'm thinking now the faster spinning wheels would give have a greater momentum behind them and giver greater cutting force? Either way...
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    Bandsaw TPI - machine struggling with coarse blades.

    Hi. Just an update: I bypassed the interlocks on the bandsaw and ran some oak through, pushing hard to get the machine to stall. I saw that the drive pulley was spinning inside the belt. I've now moved the belt on to the rear set of pulleys and now the belt does not slip at all! Not sure if...
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    Bandsaw TPI - machine struggling with coarse blades.

    Hi, thanks for the replys! :D Ive had this bandsaw for a couple of years now, but never really took much time to get to know it. I was wondering about the speed setting for the belt. It's running with the belt on the smaller drive pulley and the larger ... blade wheel pulley. If my...
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    Bandsaw TPI - machine struggling with coarse blades.

    Hi. I've had an Axminster AWSBS2 bandsaw for a few years. I recently bought a 3 TPI, 12mm premium blade from Tuff Saws for deep (3") ripping. Well, that's deep for me, anyway! :lol: Really fantastic service and super sharp blades. I've noticed since fitting it, the saw struggles with cuts it...
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    Complete newbie with old Draper FS400 fretsaw - please help!

    Hey! No idea about your particular saw. Maybe posting some pics of the blade holder might help with some advice? My saw is a pin blade one so it has a small lever at the front of the upper arm that flips up to release the blade and flips down to roll over a cam which tensions the blade. It...
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    Ear Defenders

    +1 for the MoD defenders. I 'aquired' a pair when I was on work experience at a local RAF station about 13yrs ago. I'd lost them up until a few months ago. Until then, I'd been using a £5 set from B&Q. The did the job but were pretty uncomfortable. The MoD issue ones are really comfy and deaden...
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    'Designer' coffee table... (not spam, honest!)
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    'Designer' coffee table... (not spam, honest!)

    This site is really confusing me! Just been reading more about it. It seems like they have a staff of furniture designers who design a few pieces of furniture (obviously) each. These go on the site and are made to order at the end of every week in China. I guess it gives new talent a foot in the...
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    'Designer' coffee table... (not spam, honest!)

    Actually, on reflection I think I may have fallen for an advertising trick. All the other items on the site seem to be really nice other than this ..... table. I saw this in an ad on the side of my facebook. Suspect the idea is to be incredulous and then look through the rest of the site and be...
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    'Designer' coffee table... (not spam, honest!)

    £149 for a coffee table. REDUCED from £299! Umm..... does anyone else just see a pallet on some castors? :-s
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    Scroll Saw Work Table Surface Friction

    Hey. I had a similar problem with my table (same with my bandsaw). I gave the cast iron table a good clean with 000 and 0000 wirewool and white spirit, running from front to back. After this, I put a couple of good coats of clear finishing / furniture wax. Once these had set, I buffed with 0000...
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    Quick postbox knockup

    Nice job! I'm almost finished making one for some friends of mine. A quick look on line turned up a cardboard one for around £30!! Madness. The one I've made is a basic post box shape with personalised, scroll sawed decorations fixed to it. The idea being, they can be removed and kept by the...
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    Great Manchester Run - Cancer Research UK sponsorship

    Hi folks. I appreciate this may well be rather cheeky but I thought I'd put it out there. I'm running in the BUPA Great Manchester 10k Run in May. I've decided to run in aid of Cancer Research UK for several reasons. My auntie was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, the mother of one of...
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    dust be gone mask

    Hi. I've no experience of the Dust be Gone mask but I have one of these It's not as cumbersome as it looks and keeps all the fine MDF dust out brilliantly.
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    Heathrow Airport Snow Plan

    The 2cm snowfall was used to illustrate the size of the task of clearing the aerodrome. It's not that they were anticipating 2cm coverage. Task size Snow varies in density with variations of temperature. Dry snow can have a weight of 300kg per cubic metre but wet snow/slush can approach 1...