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    Darwin Award nomination

    Yes, next the numpty is probably going to set himself on fire in honour of the Fire Brigade! :roll:
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    keyless car theft

    Step in put seat belt on and insert the key to be confronted with a voice stating "Welcome to Microsoft auto pilot, where would you like to crash today"? Thank God I'll be six foot under by the time it really takes off! :roll:
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    keyless car theft

    I have always said that electronics on cars is the worst thing that ever happened. They never mix successfully. :roll:
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    At last we have rain.

    Bahh! did you have to? At this moment I am just checking my webbed feet. :roll: :lol:
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    At last we have rain.

    You are quite welcome to our rain up here. My garden looks like a jungle and I had just started work on it, fat chance of that now, better start looking for a cheap canoe instead! :roll: Roll on Summer :lol:
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    TT Races Ian Hutchinsons crash

    Yes the commentator states it is the foam barrier that Dave Johnson ran over. Looks like Hutchy lost the back using the back brake. :shock:
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    This girl is awesome!

    Brilliant! I couldn't stop listening. Very talented young lady. :D
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    Discussion on today's 1:00 news

    I think the NHS is just the same as most large companies on the aspect of how they are run. Top management and the decision makers just have no idea what goes on on the shop floor. Their decisions are based on figures and plans which have no correlation to the actual work that goes on. They will...
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    Wheeler Dealers. The End.

    I wouldn't worry too much as they will continually show the repeats just like the rest of the channels. It is sad to see it end though it was a good series. I suppose they will replace it with another reality series as they must be cheap to make. :roll:
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    memory foam mattresses

    Nah, dump it. Mine kept on remembering I suffered with a bad back so gave me one every morning until I got rid of it. Got a good old spring one again and it's great. :lol:
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    Election time?

    I am now confused, is this election in May or June?? :lol:
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    Gaming Woodworkers

    A friend of mine used to be into games in a big way and got me into medal of Honour many years ago. I played it for one session and got fed up, never had the urge to play another....total waste of valuable time IMHO. My son who is a software engineer is a big gamer and spends hours on the...
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    Well, that looks like the death of my Transit

    Ah yes, the dreaded transit fuel pump. Mine also gave up a few years back also on a 2003 model. Turns out the pump is a coded item and as such is damn expensive! Van was worth about £1800 and a second hand pump was going to cost me £800! then it would have to be coded again to my engine so...
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    The doorbell button you describe was actually on the solenoid and did actually allow you to start the engine from under the bonnet provided the ignition was switched on on the dash. It was a common feature of a lot of cars around that time but later models then eliminated the button although the...
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    Oh my God! this has taken me back. I served my apprenticeship on the P5's and the Heralds as I used to work for a garage that specialised in Rover, Triumph and Rolls Royce. I also loved the P5 as it was classed as the poor man's Rolls Royce. We sold a lot of them back then and most were...