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    Help required (coz I got less fingers!)

    Well not quite a whole finger gone or part of one but a bloody nasty cut! Using my jointer (that I have never been happy using) to square some 400x50x20 timber I slipped and badly cut my finger. Now do I persevere with the nasty beast or hand plane, and where can I find information to do either...
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    Last Desperate Cry for Help!!!!!!!

    Thanks all of you for your help. I tried Mouse's tips but still no good so I have cut the clamp as Hawkinob suggested and this seems to work. Many thanks again for your help.
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    Last Desperate Cry for Help!!!!!!!

    thanks for the advice folks, I will try again later and will start by adjusting the lower clamp. and use Mouse's advice on the top clamp. Mouse - I followed your advice on the quick change lever but stripped the thread!!!! Which post did you give details on the main problems? Hawkinob - Yep the...
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    Last Desperate Cry for Help!!!!!!!

    I have a SIP 16" scrollsaw and just cannot get the blades to grip in the top clamp/holder. I spent the first 6 months of scolling rounding off allen keys and screw heads and stripping threads in the clamp. SIP supplied some more clamps but still the blade cannot be held tight enough. I have...
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    D & M Show - worth a visit?

    I am considering visiting the D & M show next month at Kempton Park but I am not interested in any tools :shock: Are the demo's and masterclasses worth the journey or are they just a sales pitch for the equipment?
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    Silly question about Yandles.

    The woodmill is closed saturdays but the woodworking centre (which stocks turning blanks) and the timber self selection areas are open until 5.15.
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    Dust estractor or filter?

    I was sanding some Ash on the lathe last night. After I had wiped my glasses I still could see only dust! What I wondered was, is a vacuum cleaner type Dust extractor (Record) better than an air filter (Microclene). what do others use?
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    Dust estractor or filter?

    I have a single garage size workshop and mainly use just my lathe in there. I am fed up choking on dust when sanding so what's best, a air filter or dust extractor ?
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    Toolstation, coming soon near you.

    The Toolstation in Yeovil was one of the first to open last year. Yeovil is Screwfixes home and Toolstation is already more popular than Sfx with locals. Some good stuff, some C**p but they do sell some things in smaller quantities that Sfx still only sell in bulk.
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    Ally Pally Show

    Is there much of interest for a woodturner at the Ally Pally Show this weekend ?
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    Help contacting record power

    Lee Birtles [[email protected]] in the customer service dept was very helpfull for some spares for my lathe.
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    Spalted Beech

    How do you turn the end grain of spalted beech without it looking like the surface of the moon? :?
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    Too many screws!!!!!!!!!!

    I bought a Record Power DML36 lathe from the Record showroom open day at Yandles before Xmas. Very, very pleased with the deal and the performance of the lathe (I am new to turning) but..... The headstock drive wheels are fixed to their shafts by 6mm allen head grubscrews. Whilst hacking into...
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    A tap for my headstock thread

    I have tried this with varying amounts of success. The most successfull was by drilling and tapping whilst the wood remains on the lathe.This article helped: I obtained a tap from a local engineering suppliers. Seasons...
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    Local TV (BBC Bristol) reports at lunchtime today that Screwfix are expanding their headquaters here in Yeovil and will be opening a network of shops throughout the UK similar to the warehouse shop in Yeovil, starting in Bristol. The report also states that Screwfix have now sorted the delivery...