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  1. J

    Another Robin

    The Robin is stunning in my opinion. The best small bird intarsia that I've seen. Very nice John
  2. J


    I have no knowledge of the Razortip but I have the Peter Child one and I am very pleased with it. The wire tips are so universal as you can just buy the different thickness wire and bend the ends to the shape you require. I would recommend this tool. Best wishes John
  3. J

    Fretworker website

    I agree with all AES said. I have enjoyed your videos and always like your posts. Have been a customer of Hobbies for fifty something years and my Father before me. I would love to learn more about the company. Best wishes John
  4. J

    Happy New Year!

    A happy new year to you Phil I am just getting into scrolling and have been browsing through your web site trivialwood. Excellent name by the way. Now I just need to get busy and start cutting. I've bought an Ex 16 from Axminster and I am very happy with it. Been reading everything I can find...
  5. J

    Brass name plates

    Many thanks Prom That is exactly the site that I had in mind. John
  6. J

    Brass name plates

    Thanks Tom Thats what I call a quick reply. I will look into them tomorrow John
  7. J

    Brass name plates

    Hi this has been discussed a few times over the years but I still can't find any info on this. I'm talking about the sort of little brass plate that you screw on your work with the company name and phone number on it. Any info appreciated regarding suppliers. Many Thanks John
  8. J

    Meaty Lippings cause warping?

    Hi Wood will only expand or contract across the grain not along the grain. So lipping on mdf will be fine John
  9. J

    Newbie saying hello

    Welcome Andy Your choice of a first woodworking book is excellent. As for hand tools a No 4 plane or thereabouts would be useful. John
  10. J

    2011 Best Wishes

    A very happy New Year to you all. John
  11. J

    Christmas Pressie

    I like that Dave. Very different. Well done John
  12. J

    Bad day.

    Very sorry for you Roy. It is a very sad loss when they go but you just have to remember the good times. John
  13. J

    Forum Maintenance - COMPLETED

    Many thanks Charley and the mods for keeping this forum running. Your hard work is very much appreciated. John
  14. J

    Christmas Toys

    Hi Lee Fantastic as always. You are an inspiration to all of us Many thanks for posting these once again. John
  15. J

    Miller dowels?

    Exactly what Wobbly said. John