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    Vices - Fitting a Record Bench Vice

    Thanks paulm a really good set of instructions with excellent photos i have one to fit and will use your instructions i like the bit about laminating the jaws to give extra strength. Cheers, Boomerang Bender
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    Best Blade to cut Segments?

    As always its such a simple idea to do the reverse cut to avoid tear out after years of doing it wrong thanks for your post it only goes to rove you are never too old to learn. :D
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    Cheap cam clamps

    I have just read this post and am like the post by Rorschach I don't understand how you are using them can you post a picture. Cheers, BB
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    Thanks for the heads up i will try and get a copy of this magazine as i am keen to read this article. Cheers, Boomerang Bender.
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    Coronet Major

    I have a book called modern wood turning by Gordon Stokes published in the 1970s which uses the Coronet Major as the lathe for demo purposes. its available on ebay for £2.45 some of the subjects covered are the use of the Coronet Major and its features . 1,Drilling long holes using the...
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    Spalted (rotten) worm eaten walnut scrap end.

    Nice bowl and a good use of spare wood its half way to being a top class knitting bowl LOL.
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    palo santo - Lignum vitae?

    I have just acquired an old LV bowling bowl and will give this project a go i may try and salvage the white circular disc on the bowl as i think they were originally ivory and create an inlay . Thanks for posting a real inspiration. Boomerang Bender.
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    Coronet No 3 Bowl turning question

    Hi I am new to turning but would it be possible to remove as much of the blank as possible by drilling the bowl centre down to bring the weight of the blank to a safe weight for this lathe. Obviously the balance of the reduced blank would have to be taken into consideration,
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    She-oak candlestick

    That,s a real quality candlestick i like the style and finish well done.
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    major cornet lathe Mk III

    I have a coronet major lathe with most of the attachments, its a really good and versatile lathe with the reduction speed attachment V belt drive for turning large projects up to 24 "when you turn the head stock 90 deg , ( i.e. facing outwards the turner and to the tools )Although the...
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    Sorting taps & dies - or - "Oh how I hate photo printing"?

    Thanks for the thread chart and info very useful
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    How toxic is wood when dry

    I have read recently that anyone with a nut allergy can have a reaction to turning wood of nut bearing trees ie walnut since the wood contains the same allergens as the nut so good dust extraction or wearing a mask when sanding is advisable. Also consider other people who may be in your...
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    Alignment of headstock and tailstock centres

    I have the same problem on my old Coronet Major and since the tailstock alignment is governed by the locating grove in the tailstock slide bar any wear on the locating pin will allow a slight deviation on a sideways movement, on a modern lathe with a flat surface for the tailstock to sit on it...
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    Hummingbird Vase

    What an inspiration i am new to wood turning but to see something turned and sculpted in Sycamore such a common wood is beautiful there is hope for me yet, many many Thanks for posting , BB
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    An Inside Out Xmas Ornament

    My first try at one this week but only two segments i intend to put a snowman in the caged part but after turning i am tight for space to get it set correctly . My other concern is the size of the ornament and weight considering it has to go on a smaller tree. Hopefully my next attempt will...