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By FatmanG
Hi all, hope your all safe and well with all the madness going on both here and abroad.
I bought a big slab of wood today its 5' 3" x 3' by far the biggest piece I've ever had. I took a chance on it as it looks lovely I'm hoping I got a bargain and not fire wood (hammer)
Any ideas fellow artisans I shall add the pictures now.
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By Fitzroy
If you plane a bit of the surface and grain and upload photos it’ll help. Without those from the colour, scale of the board, local native supply, and bark I’d guess sycamore.

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By FatmanG
I will do tomorrow mate I will try and get better photos
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By Trevanion
I think Fitz' guess of sycamore is probably correct, but to throw a curveball in it does look a bit like holly to me. But as already said, hard to tell without a clear, planed surface and end grain shots.
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By Bm101
If it comes up creamy white when you plane it I'd also guess sycamore from those photos purely from the bark.
Is it the bark hard but 'waxy'? Can you scratch it with a knife point and it shows a light brown surface directly beneath a green grey first layer?
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By Bm101
Who you calling an Artisan!?!
That's fighting talk.

You can call me an Artisan when you have pried the squeegee from my cold dead frostbitten hand pal.

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By Trevanion
MikeG. wrote:I can't see it being holly, simply because of the size.

I've got a piece pretty big out back 8)

But yes, 3ft wide would be stretching it, I missed that part! #-o
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By Trevanion
MikeG. wrote:This is 3 feet wide.

Yes, just I just realised that! :oops:
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By MikeG.
FatmanG wrote:.......tried it via imgur.......

See if that works and I shall add the rest

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When "adding images" to Imgur, there is an auto-re-size button which means any images you take into Imgur can me made a suitable size for posting on this and other forums.