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By mrpercysnodgrass
I have just acquired a Bernzomatic OX 5500 braizing torch like this one ... n/WK5500OX

I am finding it difficult to find the gas and oxygen canisters for them. Can somebody point me in the right direction please.
By phil.p
If you look at "where to buy" for the torch there is nowhere. I think you'll find the torch is obsolete - I also have one - and you won't be able to get the oxygen with that fitting.
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By mrpercysnodgrass
Ok thanks. That is probably why it was so cheap!
I will likely go for a complete kit like this one
OXYTURBO TURBO SET 110 - PORTABLE WELDING KIT at least I will have no trouble getting the consumables.
By Sideways
The screw thread and valve on the cylinders for these are the same fitting as used on the heavy, higher capacity but disposable Coleman cylinders. Berneze do (did ?) plumbers torches for soldering and brazing that fit direct to one cylinder only using this fitting.
I haven't looked for many years but I remember that oxygen was horribly expensive in these small bottles.
By hawkeyefxr
The Mapp gas is easy to get hold of, screwfix, bit i think you would need a turbo torch that screws directly on the can. It will braze smallish things.
The Oxy bottle i wouldn't touch with a barge pole, not in a tin can anyway.