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By D_W
Either or. If it got to be much more than that, then I'd be thinking of at least taking some from the back side. Which shouldn't be an issue if it has not been modified before, because it should have a scoop in its back that doesn't exist on a parallel iron (and is therefore not needed in an infill plane).

If the iron bedded nicely and adjusted nicely with good even pressure across the lever cap, I'd probably just take it off the front in that small of an amount, but I am better at working the face of irons than most people. Not because of skill, only because of experience and repetition.
By richarddownunder
Well, you were all right! The tapered iron fits after all and does a great job. Not really expecting it to work, I just hollow ground it and put on a 30 degree bevel, flattened the back a little and...

mouth preston.jpg

The plane works really well and takes thin, full width shavings with hardly any further fiddling and no work to the sole at all. I can see why folk get so enthusiastic about infills.

Thanks for all the help guys.

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By bugbear
I'm happy that you're happy - and a decent price too, less than any LV or LN!

By D_W
richarddownunder wrote::D


Oh, Richard, it just looks terrible. But I'm sure it would fit in my mailbox. :D
By richarddownunder
swagman wrote:No affiliation with this tool auction. ... gust-2017/?

Wow, they have a lot of stuff there. I wonder how much it goes for?
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By richarddownunder
Really enjoying using this Preston, the more I look, the more I realise how well made they were. Sorry to say D_W.

A couple of questions though:
1 is this the finish typical of these sorts of forged irons or has it been rusty at some stage? As we established, it aint the original and I cant find one on e-bay (2 1/4 inch)

2 The plane works very nicely and has a great feel to it - no tear out to speak of on sapele but the edge only holds up for a short time. I can get a lot longer out of my Cliftons or Records. So, in practical terms, would I be better to get a new Ray Iles iron to use instad of the Preston tapered iron? Sharpening isn't the problem, I'm fairly proficient at that, but it does take me a minute or two to get it adjusted nicely (maybe due to my lack of practice).

Has anyone on the site substituted an old (tapered) plane iron with a new one and found they hold up better?


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By AndyT
That plane iron certainly looks to me as if it has been rusty and has been cleaned up (nicely) with acid or commercial rust remover. The upper parts of an iron, exposed beyond the shelter of the body, are often the first to succumb to rust when left in a shed. Yours has the tell-tale black specks where rust had started to eat pits into the steel. Acid turns them black, but it's impractical to get the black out of the pits, where abrasives etc won't reach.
I wouldn't worry about it. You might be able to find a new old stock iron, but that could have rust by now, after sixty years or more in storage.
By Corneel
You could try grinding the edge back a mm or 2. And sharpen at a higher angle. Up to 35 degrees or so. That helps edge life too.

How do you sharpen, oilstones, or something else? And how does the edge fail, chipping or folding?
By D_W
In my experience, tapered irons are a few clicks softer than parallel irons. Not necessarily true for every single one, but on average.

My preferences are ih sorby, Ward and Mathieson parallel irons, but new are ok. They just look very bad in an old plane. If it's very soft, save it for a wooden plane that does heavier work where that softness won't matter.
By richarddownunder
Thanks for the replies. I think it is just a bit soft and dulls quite quickly - it doesnt chip. I have ground it back a bit and could try the steeper angle - it is 30 degrees at the moment. I use a fine diamond stone then a waterstone..4000 grit I think (and I still use a honing guide!). I noticed this ... 58121.html It is a bit wide (could grind off 3 mm) but looks a bit worn anyway. I understand that a new iron might look a bit out of place but if it held an edge better, that is the more important thing. The alternative is another non-preston parralel iron - there must be a few about. Could always get a new one and leave it in the rain for a week to look more the part :)

By D_W
Lots of sorby and others. Ward are tough to get reasonable because people need them to fit in old Norris planes that have lost their original irons.