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By wizer
I'm catching up on my YouTube Subscriptions today and I've yet again been completely amazed at this guy. I know we've posted about him before, but I thought I'd share a few of his newest vids for those who don't subscribe.

Firstly he's developed a software application for making wooden (and metal I guess) gears. This is a 14min walk through of the application. If you're not impressed by wooden gears, then you'll probably find it boring.


He's clearly got to much time on his hands though. This is a biro shaker:

// :roll: :lol:

Not impressed yet? How about a finger joint jig? Fully adjustable using wooden gears. No? What about if he was to joint two pieces of dowel?


He also uses that jig for double tenons:


Any good? What about sharpening a bandsaw blade with a dremel? Nothing particularly clever about this, but interesting all the same:


No? Hard to please. What about a machine which automatically lays rows of dominos (not the festool ones):

// :lol: :lol:

Ok last try. This somewhat lowers his cred, but displays how bonkers he is. Clearing the drains with a homemade air gun:


Check out the rest of his videos and his siteif you've never been there. Great guy, waaay too much time on his hands ;)
I have attempted to cut gears in the past with mixed results. The program used here is quite spectacular, especially when it shows the relationship between form and numbers of teeth.

By would not
$23 dollars, you just got to buy it. Mind you I don't think I'm going to make the pen shacker - that's just dangerous.
By MikeG.
Excellent! ......and I love all the marble machines that line up on the youTube menu when watching these videos.

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By jimi43
Fascinating and thanks so much Tom!

I love the gear advance on the jig....

I think I might try the Dremel thing if only to see it work but I have decided an email to Ian for a new blade would be quicker...!!!

I don't think this guy has many girlfriends does he? least he ain't nicking stuff from people's workshops....

Thanks mate!

By wizer
married with kids I think Jim. I should think he's got a good job with the size of his brain...