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By Helvetica
Making a sideboard and starting to finish a few edges. Obviously the oil soaks into the end grain more, but after one coat it’s a little glossy, whereas the rest of the wood (all cherry) is barely satin. I’m guessing the end grain holds more oil so it’s harder to wipe off after 10 minutes.

Is there a technique for end grain? Should I oil more sparingly? Should I mop up sooner? Should I sand after each coat? I haven’t sanded or buffed with wire wool at all, just 1 coat applied and removed with cotton rags. Cheers


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By thetyreman
I find you need about twice as much on end grain as you do on the other parts, it probably just needs more layers and very light de-nibbing with wire wool in between each coat.
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By Helvetica
I was thinking of wet sanding with the oil, using progressive grits, twice. Say 320 grit, wipe it dry and leave for a day, then 600 grit, same process. Does that sound about right? Maybe bison wax after a couple weeks drying time then.