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By tony
Hi Folks , does anyone know of a UK supplier of the Kreg plug cutter , I have just spent a good/bad hour scouring the internet & only found some on ebay which are shipped over from the states , thanks Tony
By tony
No that is a pocket hole jig & I am looking for the plug jig +cutter to make the plugs , cheers Tony
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By Cordy

Not a solution to your question but I use this method
Buy 9 mm dowel rod from Wickes in 8 ft lengths

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By Nelsun
I'm guessing this is the jig you're looking for? I can see it'd be handy in large scale production where grain matching your plugs is key. Couldn't find any UK supplier either I'm afraid.

Trimming dowels as suggested above is an easy way to go. For paint grade work I tend to use 2 part car body filler as it's cheap, quick setting, sands easily and completely fills the hole unlike plugs which invariably leave some small gaps.

Edit: as well as the UJK plug cutter, Trend do a similar idea. Both want a drill press though and produce short dowels if I'm seeing things right. On the plus side, flat ended dowels are a lot easier to whack into the pocket holes as opposed to the Kreg type. Both want flush cutting anyway so dowels win over the angled plugs IMHO.
By Student
I’ve only just stumbled across this thread. Could I offer a word of warning? The drill bits for Kreg pocket holes are 3/8th inch i.e. 9.53 mm not 9 mm. I did try using some 9 mm dowel from Wickes but they were quite loose in the pocket hole. However, I did lay my hands on some 3/8 inch dowels from here

They do them in various wood species.

If you want to see a couple of ways to make your own plugs, there are a couple of videos on You Tube


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By Cordy
Martin your 2nd video is the one posted earlier in this thread
9mm dowel from Wickes works fine for me
I might try 9.5 mm sometime soon
By sunnybob
#1188056 ... SwAHtaF0Cb
or even cheaper ... SwmOJaAw71

Both in manchester, next day delivery.
I tried using dowels but they show up very badly due to the end grain against the items long grain. The dowels also stood proud after a while as they "grew" upwards in the outside air.
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By Cordy
They both look good Bob, unfortunately I would quickly

1; forget what I had bought this gizmo for
2; not be able to find when needed

....meanwhile I am happy with the 9mm x 8 ft dowel rods from my local Wickes

btw, now making an Adirondack chair [you know about them]
apart from the 10 coach bolts - all fastenings are hidden pocket hole screws - helped along with Cascamite glue
By sunnybob
oh yeah, i know all about adirondacks, especially blue ones.

It was on the arms that I used the beech dowels to cover the screws. I made a big effort to sand them smooth. By the time the chair was painted, the dowels were slightly proud and are very obvious when sitting in the chair due their height and their end grain.

I used ordinary upva glue on the chairs. 8 months in the blazing sun (yes, do have blazing sun) and heavy rain (we get that as well) and all are holding together perfectly

I since made something else and covered the screws with the type of plug cutter i listed, and they blend in perfectly.
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By Cordy
All my p/h screws are hidden from view - ie under the arms, under the seat slats and behind the vertical slats so that

the Wigan weather can't attack them directly :)