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By Prizen
Hi all

Have tried HVLP spraying and am hooked, but my shed isn't suitable.

Just wondering if anyone has used inflatable camping tent as a spray booth?
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By ColeyS1
This was a recent pic from site
3m square pops up and has velcro sides with windows and zipped doors. I originally bought it to contain shotblasting. It contained it but I couldn't see after a few minutes of it flying around. Might be better with spraying though...?

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By Prizen
Thanks guys. I'm still leaning towards an inflatable tent or "shelter" or " porch " that serve as add-ons to a tent at a campsite. For ease of assembly and space
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By EddyCurrent
For small items I used a canvas wardrobe, similar to those little greenhouses consisting of plastic tubes, joining brackets and a one piece
'skin' to go over them.
It did nothing for the fumes but prevented overspray and I could zip it up to prevent ingress of dust from the shed.

There are also "spray tan booths" on ebay from about £22