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By cambournepete
I've hinted at this previously, but I'll make it more obvious :)

I want to sell my Record Coronet no 1 lathe as I've upgraded to Blister's Poolewood 28/40.

It's blue, 36" between centres with about 12" swing.
Single phase, half horse-power, Brook-Compton motor.
3 speed, changed byt moving the belt.
The head's fixed, but there's an extra foot for the bars so you can reconfigure the lathe.

It includes:
a couple of drive centres
hollow tail centre (for long hole boring)
Axminster multi-tip live tail centre
screw chuck
2 or 3 faceplates
a drill chuck
tool rests
a tool post for the Robert Sorby tool rest system
a bowl turning rest
a thread adapter for a Vicmarc chuck.

It's old but in reasonable condition.

It looks rather like this one (but is longer and blue).

It's a very good starter lathe, and will be more than some ever need or want. It will give you a good idea of want you want if you do decide to upgrade later.

It's located near Cambridge, but I could deliver anywhere between here and the Taunton area in a couple of weeks or so (Yandles :))
More local delivery is also an option as I have relatives in this area.
It's blinking heavy, so postage is definitely not an option.

I'll post some photos if anyone is interested.

I'm hoping for around £100 for the lot.
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By Bodrighy
Ronin, if you are watching, this is he lathe I have recently got and it's a good little lathe for starting.

By jammie*dodger
Hi, i'm very interested in this but would really want to get a chuck for it. You mention that it has "a thread adapter for a Vicmarc chuck" do you have a link for a chuck that would fit this?

Cheers, Rob.
By jammie*dodger
Thanks. That's going to add quite a bit to the cost so I think i'm going to have to leave it. Sorry, Rob.