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By MattyT
I'm wanting to make a thin drawer (about 20cm tall) and attach it to the underside of my kitchen worktop. I'm thinking of using some standard drawer runners, but I'm not sure what type of screws I need to secure the brackets to the worktop because the worktop is MDF. I'm thinking of using chipboard screws, but still not sure if they will hold the weight of the drawer or pull out.
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By ED65
Chipboard screws directly into the MDF should be fine unless the drawer will be unusually heavy once fully loaded.

Never hurts to go belt-and-braces though, so for a little extra peace of mind you can reinforce the material in the pilot holes with superglue or 5-min epoxy; this significantly increases screw withdrawal force.
By MattyT
Thanks all for your input. The storage drawer is for vertical knife storage.

I've decided that this unusually sized drawer will look strange on its own, so I 'd like to put it inside a standard size cupboard. Ideally I'd like to put a runner at the bottom of the drawer which attaches to the side of the cupboard. It will also have two runners at the top of the drawer against the bottom of the kitchen worktop. The cupboard door has chunky hinges which is going to be in the way of the new knife drawer. Can you recommend some flat hinges please?

Alternatively, I could make a full length slim drawer, a bit like this spice rack
And then I could attach the knife container box onto one of the shelves.