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24 Aug 2002
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As the subject says, whats on the drawing board for you to make next? Or are you currently in the middle of a project?

For those of you who don't know I'm moving house so my current workshop is packed up and is being used to store all the empty boxes :(

Once I move I can't see myself making any furniture for awhile, just workshop cupboards and alot of built in shelves,wardrobes,etc for the house :?
One project I am planning to build for the workshop is a table similar to the one Norm built -
Hi Charley

Hope the move goes well for you.

I have no sympathy for you whatsoever if you have enough room to build that table. :cry:

All the best

Looks a fantastic table and the best of luck with the build. Can you tell me what the end pieces are, it looks like cord going from the legs to the centre?

My table (dare I say it) is chip board on folding legs and for some of my larger furniture projects, takes a bit of a bend. Let us know how you get on.

Lucky to have all that space, was it the workshop or the house that prompted the move?

Good luck


The cord is to raise the wheels that Norm has installed to allow the thing to be moved without busting a gut 8)


I am part way though making 8 folding patio chairs, here the first one:-

Most bits cut to size, just sanding and assembly now. :lol: Well James seems to have a problem with making 8 of something, see it can be done :wink:
Next should have been a pair of folding patio tables, but LOML wants a new desk for her study so guess what plans and ideas I'm looking for :lol: :roll:
Current project is a 31 string Harp in Utile, next up is a new shed to go and hide in, for when the harp collapses under 1 1/2 tons of tension...
Hi All,
I'm currently 75% of the way through a "Barristers Bookcase" in Elm. It's coming on nice-I'll post some pics soon.
Next project on the drawing board is a Maple and Purpleheart Blanket Chest to match a pair of bedside cabinets in the same style. I have already drawn up the plans and the timber is in stick waiting for me to make it. (damn day job, family, sleep, etc.......)
Philly :D
Good luck with your move charley

Ive recently just completed a repro of a small hanging cupboard 'Shaker' style first made in New york in the 1800's.

At the mo I am making a tall cold frame so I can grow some sweet peppers in the garden,. ( No room for a greenhouse as SWMBO has had a pool put in)

Seeds already germinated. :)
Well I'm coming to the end of building a 7'x4' oak table top with breadboard ends for a friend. This has been an eye opening experience in its self.....not really a hard thing to build, but the size and weight have made it a difficult one to handle......its about 75kgs!! :shock:

Next up on the list is to go back and finish three drawers for a small side table that I started sometime ago :oops: but never got round to finishing cos I couldn't cut dovetails!!

After that I was thinking about either building a tool cabinet to hold all my tools or a nice simple modern clock.

Whos plans will no doubt fly out the window!!
SHMBO has a girt long list but first off wants new kitchen and a table for the front room with 2 smaller side tables . Just gotta finish of the new workshop :oops: blimey i've only got one lifetime to complete it all :lol:
Hi Charley

Good luck!!

Just finishing some bathroom bits and then going to make an Oak tool cabinet which is similar to the one on the Tool Box page on UKW.
After that it is an Oak blanket box, an Ash dining room table and a couple more small boxes and then a nest of drawers for the bedroom. Should keep me busy up until xmas 2005 at least :?
mannnnnnn...... what i wouldn't do to have space enough to use that table....
Let me know how you get on with the retracts Charlie..... I'm contemplating pinching the idea to help stabilise my bench... gettin tired of chasing it around the shop whenever the planes come out to play.....

Right now I'm supposed to be building a wedding prezzy.... a bed, loosly based on a mission style prarie bed, but using panels rather than spindles. Not my idea... was told that no way no how would "she" ever allow someplace convenient for cuffs to fasten to..... I didn't ask...

I've had to put that on hold until I can complete repairing / upgrading my bench; adding a proper tail and face vice to it. That said, I did get the bed rails planed today...

Enjoy the shop once the toys get unpacked Charlie....

You've really whetted my appetite with this one:

waterhead37 said:
I have started building one of these Hal Taylor Rocking Chairs - mine is in English walnut

I've got a real love affair going with Sam Maloof's rocking chairs, from which this appears to be derived, so please tell us more details about whether or not you've got plans, and just how tricky it is!


Some good projects.

At the moment i'm working on a big pine gate for my gran. "Grannys Gate"

What have I got planned, hmmm..who knows :?:

More tools maybe :wink:
I have that idea already in mind Charley.
The raising castors would be great to fit under my router table.
It a pain at the moment being fixed. That caster idea will make it a lot easier to bring the router table out to use then wheel it away when not needed.
Hi folks

I'm working on a piccy of a ballerina made from 2 contrasting veneers only. It's an absolute swine of a project (although it looks simple) and I'll be astonished if it doesn't all end up the bin eventually.

You others seem to have some pretty inspirational stuff underway right now (I wanna rocking chair too... WAAAHHH! :cry: :wink: ). Keep up the good work :) .


Howdy Chris(waterhead37)

I think I'm with AG on this one, yet again :p, I too would love to know if you
have plans for this wonderful looking rocking chair? I wouldn't mind a bash at
making one of these.....both AG and Alf will testify to me biting off more than I
can chew, so I think this will probably be right up my street!! :)

Hi Tony, Thats the same kinda tool box I was thinking about making....I don't
suppose you have any plans for it yet do you?

Cheers fellas...and keep up the good work!

Sigh. How come everyone else's projects sound/look so much more appealing than mine? :?

Got the coffee table from antiquity still to make. :( Found some oak I didn't know I had a week or so ago (don't ask), so I'm now toying with making a more traditional leg assembly in that, and then an ash top. If only I'd stop toying and actually build the ruddy thing I could finally get it out of my hair. :oops: Need to do something to make the ash a bit more interesting though; the batch I have would take the prize for bending purposes, but it's nothing to look at really :( It's also just dawned on me I have less than a month to make something for a good friend's 70th birthday; strictly limited in size 'cos of space problems. At the moment, that old standby, the "elegant box" from FWW a few years ago is the front runner; just need to see if I can scrape up enough suitably intersting timber. Once I get those out of the way (yeah, right) I'd really like to make a traditional tool chest; some extremely well seasoned pine has landed in my lap from the local chapel and I think I can't at least squeeze out enough for the main carcass, if I'm careful. :shock: And in any spare moments I have two boxes of rusty tools, no, my mistake, three boxes of rusty tools to clean up and then find storage for, and numerous tool-making projects I want to do :roll:

Why, oh why couldn't Santa have brought those extra hours in the day I asked for? :(

Cheers, Alf
AG, Simon

The chair is being built from plans supplied by Hal Taylor who built this wonderful chair that was featured in FWW . That picture piqued my interest and I have recently forked out for the very expensive ($250) plans (templates and a 140 page book plus unlimited telephone support from Hal).

Whilst the plans are expensive, I could not have contemplated building the chair without the kind of plans and instructions that Hal supplies. I am only at the early stages of this chair - which given its complexity is likely to take me a while - and so far it is straightforward enough. It is when it gets to the flowing curves and some of the joints that things start to get more challenging.

Here I am laminating one of the rockers and as you can see, quite an investment in clamps is needed! (If I ever sell these things and especially for the price that Hal gets for his chairs ($5,000 a pop - Maloof's are $20,000!), I shan't worry about the odd clamp!


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