worx 20 volt drill


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sunnybob":15fn3occ said:
...has completely smashed the worx reputation for me...
I didn't think Worx had any reputation* - at least, not if they're the same Worx as sold here :roll:

* except maybe, for being carp.

I'm going to be on a similar budget to you when I retire in a couple of years. I must get the 12v batteries re-packed/replaced for my two or three 20 year old Panasonic drills before then - or I may have to resort to eggbeaters :wink:

Cheers, Vann.
You hear so many conflicting things with batteries, I was under the impression that a li ion battery had 800 to 1000 charge cycles and such you were better charging only when you need to, I have a Bosch blue combi drill with two 2ah batteries, for this last maybe six years whenever the power fails, I charge the old battery and swap onto the new, I never charge a half way battery. I use the drill several times a week for home use and the same two batteries are still going strong. Very occasionally I run out of power whilst the spare is charging, normally this is if I'm cutting a series of holes with a cookie cutter style holesaw, but small batteries charge quickly so this isn't a problem for long. I have a few cheap tools, for occasional use, but my combidrill is the absolute heart of my kit and gets used for most jobs, worth every penny, as are the wera screw bits that I use and never need to replace.
My Makita 10.8v drill chuck also loosens and drops bits very easily unless the chuck is really tightened. I much preferred a keyed chuck if you could remember which pocket you had put the key in! #-o
Regards Keith
It's six months on, the worx batteries are still ok. The bit still falls out the chuck. Overall, the good outweighs the bad
Ive had a 20v worx for a couple of years, been really good, powerful and reliable. I can leave it for a couple of months and it still has plenty power.
I use a Worx for drilling mostly softwood. I like the ease of use and the batteries give plenty of juice. The chuck does work loose easily so I am used to tightening it up after each hole is drilled.

Convenient for light work, wouldn't want to use it to drill concrete or steel.
Its a good lightweight tool, but the chuck is real pain. I wont buy another one, just on account of it keep undoing itself.