Workshop Build - 5m x 3m

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Nearly there! The roof set me back quite a bit, swapping the 4x2 to 6x2's. During this time we also decided we might as well put a skylight in there so, seeing as this is a 3m span I thought it would be a good experience to build a few flitch beams to support the skylight either side. Its a triple glazed, aluminium 600x900 skylight so it quite heavy, approx 50kg. Had to invest in a mag drill to put the holes in the 10mm steel bar, annular cutters are my new best friend! Couldnt believe how much easier it was compared to a standard drill bit and hand drill.


I used climbing straps around the adjacent joists to make sure it didnt fall on top of me while getting the flitch beams into position

Nested Sequence 01.00_05_27_05.Still001-2 (Large).jpg

L brackets used to secure roof joists down, you can see the remains of the old joist hangers here.


I got a great deal on some second-hand window and doors from £700 for the 2, including delivery. The door is HUGE but I wanted it like that to make getting tools in and out easier. I started by framing the front wall. I got some second hand tyvek flexwrap to flash the top and bottoms.


I used permaroof for my EPDM kit, on their ebay store they sell firestone EPDM offcuts for quite a bit cheaper, I snagged a 7x5m sheet saving about £100. Installing the rubber roof was very easy but I did find the glue set very quickly as it was a warm day and I'm doing this by myself.
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