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11 Mar 2007
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Please bear with me on this, I’m not trying to “teach my granny to suck eggs”, but a lot of newcomers ask how to post photos in their forum posts.

This is about Photobucket, there are many equally as good hosting services on the web so maybe others can post a “How To” on their particular hosting service.

A couple of year ago quite a few of our members joined Photobucket because the hosting service we had been using up until that time crashed and burned. During that time we muddled through with posting our photos using the new system.

Eventually I answered a few questions on hosting using answers gleaned from numerous members. One of my answers has been used as a “How To” for newcomers posting photos in their posts, but since that time Photobucket has revised their site, and dramatically changed some of the ways to posting a photo. SO I decided to try and update (to the best of my ability) the “How To”.

As with most on-line forums, nothing is real until you post a photo of the subject. So along with most I host my photos using an on-line service. I’m no expert so if anyone can point out if I go wrong with this “How To” I would be very grateful.

We’ve all come across the post where there are lots of full size photos, and just as you begin to read the text it all moves down and disappears off the screen. You scroll down to catch this renegade text, and again it hides below the screen. You continue chasing it and eventually find it yards down the screen cowering beneath the weight of all these huge photos.

It is so true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but often without a few explanatory words a photo is just that, a photo.

1/ Always resize your photo before uploading to the host. (Photobucket resizes for you so you can ignore this step) The standard used to be 600 x 480, but these days of bigger monitors a photo size of 800 x 600 is better. You can post bigger, but you really don’t need anything bigger than 800 x 600, and it speeds up the uploading/downloading process.

2/ Only ever insert the code for a thumbnail of your photo into the post. All photo-hosting services have this facility. That way your post displays quickly, with text, and if the reader wants to see the ‘bigger picture’ he/she clicks on the thumbnail. Again this speeds up the whole process.

1/ Don’t insert the code for any very large sized photo. It only causes poor display of your post, and slows download times.

First go to the Photobucket web page and register yourself for an account.

Once you are up and running, a small suggestion. If you intend uploading a lot of photos, once at your Album home page make a few more separate 'Albums' so it will be easier to look after what you have there.

On arrival

click on ‘more options’ in the ‘Upload Images & Video’ box,

and select (640 x 480 if you only ever want to display large size on the forum) or 800 x 600 if you are intending to use thumnails, now click on Save, this will convert all your uploads to this size. If occasionally you wish to upload a larger sized photo, you can use the drop down menu by ‘more options’.

You are then returned to your Album home page. Type a 'new album' name in the box inside Albums, click on save. You are now inside the new Album you have just created. Albums is where you will move to and fro amongst your 'sub albums'. You can upload to there, or create more albums if you wish, or go back to your Account home page.

To upload a photo, go to the directory where you want to store it. Go to the ‘Upload Images & Video’ box check the button by ‘from’ My Computer is selected then click on ‘Choose Files’. This opens a window to your computer where you choose your photos and upload.

The upload process is self explanatory, you are given options to name each photo, and add description tags. You can decide how to identify you pics. Finally click on upload.

You should now have some photos inside your directory ready to insert into your post.

Have your new forum post open in one window, open Photobucket in another, sign in and go to your account.


Select the image you wish to upload and click the Generate HTML Button on the right.


This brings the next page up with the code options.


And then right click to COPY on your preferred display option, I suggest using the fourth one down to show a bigger image.

If you prefer thumbnails etc. then chose one of the others.

Go to your forum post window and right click and PASTE.

Click on the PREVIEW button beneath the text box. Move up to the display and you should have your Image showing.

If you chose the Thumbnail option then Clicking on the thumbnail, should then bring down your full size photo.

Another Photobucket change.
Earlier when your full sized photo came down it was in a window on its own. Now they have inserted a bit more code, and you end up with adverts and so on beside your photo when displayed.

Thanks to JPT & Paul.J for posting the code edit to tidy this up.

Once you have right clicked and Pasted the code into your post, hunt along the code between the IMG tags and find the following, (?action=view&current= ) carefully delete this part of the code. Recheck using the preview button and your full sized photo should appear in a blank window on its own.

You don’t have to alter the code it is your choice.

Happy posting, and thanks to all who helped me when I was begging for instruction on how to post photos.

PS - Some have asked about posting photos in a block. I always post photos one at a time, but you can post en mass if you wish. Tick the small box beneath all photos you wish to post, then left click on the the 'Generate HTML and IMG code' button at the foot of the page. A new window will appear with blocks of code. Right click and copy inside the 'IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended ' box, this will copy the code to the clipboard. Go to the post window, right click and paste, this will place the code for you.

If you wish edit the code lines as with a single photo. Job done!

PPS - There are many, many more options to mess around when using Photobucket. Do as I did, open a post window and play around inserting different codes. Just don't submit to the forum use the PREVIEW screen to see what happens.

modedit: 22-07-10 I have modified the Image references (previous ones lost) and modified posting instructions to suit current PB sequence. CHJ
johnbs":1l7qngk1 said:
I thought forum members might be interested in a quick How To for Flickr-users (such as me-sen'). (As it's not immediately obvious!!)

1. Navigate to photo of interest in your photo-stream/set/collection, then click on All Sizes tool

2. Select the size your wish to link to, then below the photo you'll find two linking boxes: in the lower labelled 2. "Grab the photo's URL" is the full http: address: copy this and paste it into the post at the appropriate point.

3. Highlight just the newly-inserted address in your draft post (i.e. starting at http and usually finishing with .jpg) and then click on the Img tag in the tool-bar.

Job done.


Mod Edit; Thanks John for your original input.

Please see following post for latest proceedure.
Updated Flickr procedure curtesy of Steve Jones

On your flickr photostream page >
Left click on the picture of your choice to open it >
Top left of pic are two boxes , left click on "Share this">
Left click on "Grab the HTML/BBCode" >
Left click in the BBCode portal >
Left click on picture size drop down menu and highlight the size required >
Left click on text in the above box to turn it blue, >
Right click and highlight Copy >
Open page where you want to post the picture and then right click and paste directly onto the page , no need for dialogue boxes or anything this way.
Sorry if I missed it ....

Can also add to this - you can e-mail your pics to Photobucket.
I will send say 6 and then later log in and organise.

You get a reply mail with the link in it, so quick and easy if you want to add a pic to a post.

I thought this thread had been stickied but I have to do a search to find it.

Would a mod be kind enough to make it easy to find - & then delete this request as it's unneccessary extra reading.


This doesn't appear to be a sticky anymore in the turning section - is there a reason for this?

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This doesn't appear to be a sticky anymore in the turning section - is there a reason for this?


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